Sunday, April 12, 2009

Are flowers a sensible thing to give my mum for her 60th birthday?

Erm..... no.

I like flowers but we are talking about a BIG milestone here, surely you can do better than just flowers?

A photo album of your mum from being a kid to now?

A bracelet with an inscription?

A tree of her fav fruit?

Something that can be kept forever that she can look back at...

Are flowers a sensible thing to give my mum for her 60th birthday?
Very sweet:-)I hope she enjoys her big day!
Reply:i%26#039;m sure she would love a hand made gift...

why not make a phot album of your favourite moments together?
Reply:no you should get her a card as well
Reply:Does she like cut flowers? Some people don%26#039;t...would she prefer a plant or something to put in the garden


CD..whats her favourite music or film

Why not take her out for a doesn%26#039;t have to be expensive
Reply:Flowers are always sensible unless she has allergies. I always say - why in the world do we spend thousands on flowers when someone dies when we never bought them even one while they were alive?
Reply:Sensible, yes. But to be honest, a little dull. 60 is a milestone birthday - she deserves something a little extra. Celebrate what a wonderful person she is and the amazing life she%26#039;s led so far.
Reply:Cut flowers or seeds/plants??

Because cut flowers are just thoughtless really, a gesture without considering what she would like. Besides, they%26#039;ll die after a few days.

However if she%26#039;s into gardening or even has a windowbox or whatever, she might really appreciate flowers to plant

Cut flowers would be ok as part of a gift....
Reply:Buy her a ticket to a rock concert. Being 60 ain%26#039;t what it was.
Reply:yes or you could take her out somewhere
Reply:yep. as my mom says, older ladies already have everything- flowers and jewelry are the best!
Reply:Yes, if she loves to receive flowers. However, I would give her a little something else too, that she will be able to keep.
Reply:Well that%26#039;s what you give REALLY OLD people, can%26#039;t you think of anything more exciting? I%26#039;d probably get her a necklace or something!!
Reply:yup ofcourse she likes it as this is the most beautifull thing for the beautifull women i m sure she likes it.

thankyou. please gimme ten points.
Reply:yes. I%26#039;m sure she already has everything else!
Reply:if she has a garden, it would be nicer for you to surprise her by planting a flower bed she can enjoy longer than a vase of flowers.
Reply:dont no sorry
Reply:I think flowers are nice but I think you should make a special effort to get her something special. Think about things that she enjoys or wants to do. My son got me a digital camera for my 60th, I use it all the time and wouldn%26#039;t be without it.
Reply:yes but they die quite about some special jewellery or go out for a meal...find out her favourite a limo and then go in style.....
Reply:of course not, it%26#039;s her 60th, flower is cheap, it%26#039;s not forever to keep as long as she lives.

i think what%26#039;s better is to give her something that she%26#039;d never forget.

Take her to a holiday.if yoiu have money

If money is limited then give her a card, from your heart, not bought but homemade.


hope this helps
Reply:flowers are always sensible :o)
Reply:i would give her some thing to keep forever a nice photo frame of the family or something special she will only be 60 once.
Reply:Sure! Women love flowers
Reply:i guess

flowers always work

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