Sunday, April 12, 2009

What color is the birthday flower for January?


Birth Flower(s): Carnation or Snowdrop

Colour(s): Red, Pink, White

Meanings: Affection, Deep Love, Distinction, Happiness,Fascination, and Lasting Fidelity


Birth Flower(s): Violet or Iris

Colour(s): Violet, Purple

Meanings: Faithfulness, Purity, and Modesty


Birth Flower(s): Daffodil or Jonquil

Colour(s): Yellow

Meanings: Affection, Cheerfulness, Desire, Grants Wishes, New Beginnings, Respect, and Sympathy.


Birth Flower(s): Daisy or Sweet Pea

Colour(s): Pink or Purple

Meanings: Blissful, Curious, Delicate, Departure, Lasting Pleasures, Playful, and Tenacious


Birth Flower(s): Lily of the Valley

Colour(s): White

Meanings: Complete Life, Humility, Return of Happiness, and Sweetness


Birth Flower(s): Rose or Honeysuckle

Colour(s): Red, White, Pink, Yellow

Meanings: Happy, Friendship, Love, Strong, and Beautiful


Birth Flower(s): Larkspur or Tulip or Water Lily

Colour(s): Pink, Purple

Meanings: Good Luck, Laughter, Levity, Lightness, and Open Heart


Birth Flower(s): Gladiolus or Poppy

Colour(s): Various

Meanings: Beauty, Strength of Character, Love, Marriage, and Family


Birth Flower(s): Aster or Morning Glory

Colour(s): Various, Pink, Purple

Meaning: Devotion, Daintiness, Filled with Light, Life and Joy, and Symbol of Love


Birth Flower(s): Calendula or Marigold or Cosmos

Colour(s): Orange

Meaning: Contentment, Excellence, Loveliness, Good Luck, Grace, Gratitude, Joy, Love of Nature, Comfort, and True Love


Birth Flower(s): Chrysanthemum

Colour(s): Various

Meaning: Compassion, Cheerfulness, Friendship, Sensitivity, and Secret Love


Birth Flower(s): Holly or Poinsettia or Narcissus or Orchid

Colour(s): White

Meaning: Reassurance, Celebration, Success, and Wealth

What color is the birthday flower for January?
Carnations come in many colors. Red, white, yellow, pink....
Reply:carnations and snow drops
Reply:My calendar is a Flower Calendar, so I would say that the color of the flower is Pink....a pretty pink color.

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